The Crown Up is an Apparel Fashion Line created to Inspire and Empower the African American Youth. Especially those who struggle with depression, low self-esteem and struggling to love their Natural Hair.

The idea was to teach them to have love and pride for themselves and within themselves. Teach them to Support and Respect each other. Remind them that they’re Royalty and can do and be anything they want in life. To Encourage them to never give up. To help them to see that they’re beautiful just the way they are.

Overall, we realized that we could maximize our social impact by addressing the needs of the African American Youth. By uplifting the younger generation, we would help build a stronger culture and improve the future of those children. And that’s what’s most important to us.

The Crown Up also recognizes the need to join forces with other organizations to carry out our mission. Those organizations that specialize in teaching, motivating and strengthening the youth.

We are thankful that the movement has been a success and continues to reach higher heights. Thank you to our loyal customers for seeing and understanding our vision.

The Crown Up has been featured on:

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Colleen Moore
CEO / Founder of The Crown Up and Royalty Rise

Thank You for Shopping with us! Your support is much appreciated and I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on your purchase!

Kimora B.
Cofounder of The Crown Up and Manager of K.Bee's Room

I’m Bringing The Fun to Kids Fashion.