Brand Ambassadors:

Ms. Chikae

Chikae is an 11 year old volleyball player, hip hop dancer, and majorette. She’s also a model, brand rep, and soon to be entrepreneur. Putting outfits and accessories together, with the right make up and lashes is one of her favorite things to do. Her main inspiration, her great granny, passed in 2019 and Chikae has been determined to carry on her legacy by helping others and one day having a career in the medical field. She doesn’t let anything get her down. It’s her tenacity that inspires us the most. Since joining The Crown Up in 2020, Chikae has learned so much about how to build her brand, network, and overcome her fears. We’re so excited to see more from Chikae and will support her throughout her journey.




Amani Bostic-Arrington

A 9 year-old Kidpreneur, Owner of Rose Bows. She started her own business in 2019 making handmade bows and bowties for people and their pets. In that same year, She started making fashion accessories and hand painted clothing. Today, she is creating her own clothing line from upcycled clothing. Also, she published a book called Super Llama and soon she will create more books for a series. Amani says she always felt empowered to create and help others. It is her family that has inspired her the most to be who she is today. Her family is very proud of her accomplishments and they support all that she does. Amani joined The Crown Up Family in March 2021 as one of our product face models. Amani has inspired us as well, because of her drive and determination to never give up and always doing her part in the community.

You can learn more about Amani on Instagram at: @amanirosebows_

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